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About Us.

Benefits To Your Business


Pollutants present in the indoor air cause allergies, headaches; poor ventilation leads to drowsiness, all of which directly lead to decreased productivity. Productive employees means a thriving business for you.


Employees are seen taking sick leaves due to poor health or exhaustion which is also attributed to poor indoor air quality. Healthy employees feel overall content and energized to work, benefiting your business.


The assurance of world class health and safety protocols in a post-covid work environment can be leveraged by businesses like yours right now to find the right talent to work for you even in polluted cities.

Why use Hallmark Services?


Mr. Peshaan Khajotia – Founder

Passionate about building the future of residential and commercial real estate spaces in a post-pandemic world.

Currently building Hallmark Services, a tech-led, Facility & Healthcare Solutions company with over 14 years of industry experience and heritage.

Our goal is to keep our loyal client-base safe and healthy by providing premium, efficient and professional services and products. With an emphasis on quality, we pride ourselves on ensuring a trademark standard of excellence.

Ex TCSer and Brand Consultant working with start-ups and some of India’s most prominent MNC’s alike.

– JN Tata Scholar
– Published author
– Mentor for IIT Bombay, Jai Hind College, University of Bath – UK, Campion School
– MSC Strategic Marketing From the University of Bath, UK

Meet the team

The heart and soul of Hallmark Services, our COVID-19 Warriors and Deep Cleaning Agents are responsible for keeping our clients safe, happy and healthy throughout the pandemic and beyond. Professionally trained and tech-savvy, our team is determined to go over and above to ensure all our client needs and expectations are fulfilled to the highest degree.